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Serving CEOs

Partnering HR

We believe excellent CEOs serve others and have a right to the very best support available. 


It is important Global CEOs succeed because collectively they have the capability to significantly and positively impact the world of work, people and the planet. 


So we are Serving CEOs, without agenda or angle, to lead themselves, their Executive Teams and Organisations in the direction they have set. To be at their best.


By partnering with HR and L&D we integrate the leadership development needed to create the conditions for strategy to succeed.


We combine business expertise with deep coaching and leadership craft.  Our capacity to serve CEOs is built on over 10 years of working with CEO’s and Executive Teams of global companies in the UK and Europe.




  • Driving Strategy through Culture and Leadership - what is the change in you, that will change the culture, which delivers behaviours aligned to the new strategy?


  • One to One Coaching - totally confidential, personal, challenging, a sounding board for strategies, people, decisions and Board management.


  • Executive Team Performance - purpose, objectives, external stakeholders, internal dynamics, trust, commitment and results.


  • Communication - personal style, emotion, impact, message, rehearsal.





  • Leadership Team performance increased

  • Individual intent clarified

  • Dilemmas resolved

  • Faster and higher quality of decisions

  • Team engagement, commitment and success

  • Greater impact through communication



We work direct to CEOs and in partnership with the HR Director.  Each situation is unique and relies on a mutual sense of fit and capability.


Case Study -  see Chapter 8 - Leadership Team Coaching in Practice - Peter Hawkins - Kogan & Page

Available to read on this site or as downloadable version on:


To book a free individual or team meeting to explore how best we can serve you or your CEO contact:



or call: +44 7713 145827

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