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David Jarrett - Managing Director

Coach to CEOs and Executive Teams 

David’s passion is to help clients transform their business results, through changes to strategy, leadership and culture, implemented globally. He has a rare ability to relate both with the ‘hard-nosed’ executive as well as provide deep and effective coaching skills that shift patterns of behaviour. It is this ability to make the link between coaching in the moment and the realities of leading a business that makes the learning stand out.


He is a very experienced coach, working across a range of industries including commercial businesses, professional and financial services.  He has recently worked mainly in Finland, Germany, India and China as well as the UK.


He is often selected by CEOs and Executives to work with direct and strong-minded individuals. For the last 12 years he has led Bath Consultancy Group and been its CEO.


Currently working in London and Helsinki - a list of colleagues and associates will be updated soon - please contact for more information.



CEO Bath Consultancy Group


David stepped down from CEO in November 2014 to pursue his strong belief in supporting CEOs and their Leadership Teams to succeed in the face of an increasingly challenging role.


While in Bath Consultancy Group, David has been a very successful business leader.  He built the business to revenues of over £3m, led the sale of the business to a new US owner, GP Strategies, and managed the post-sale Earn Out period. During this time the business grew 50% and all team members stayed with the new company, something of a record in such situations!


His client focus has been working with CEO’s and their Executive Teams to adapt their leadership to enable the organisation to perform and to realise the benefits of new strategy, for example in 2011-2014:


  • European Airline.  Worked with the CEO to address the performance and leadership capability of the Executive Team.  Developed the Team dynamics and coached individuals in their authority, presence and impact, both in the Team and upon the Culture. Worked ‘live’ in the EB Meetings to assist their performance as they addressed a backlog of cost reduction and organisation change in the face of major market pressure on their services, products and reputation. Led and designed the top 150 leadership programme to transform the organisations capability to lead and deliver change. Over the 2 years the organisation achieved a €100m turnaround in profits.

  • Global Footwear Brand.  Their strategy is to reshape the business under a global brand (rather than existing international brands) enabling the business to operate supply chain, marketing and product strategies globally. Having just delivered the best year’s performance ever, the Executive Leadership Team and CEO wanted to take their performance up another level. Worked directly with the CEO, all Team members and live in the Team meetings to identify the performance dynamics that were helping or hindering, surface them and address them collectively. This work has enabled the Team to tackle the significant structural and cultural changes needed to move from local to global much more quickly and significant growth in revenue and margin is planned over the next 3 years.

  • Global minerals, engineering and metals processing business.  Coaching the CEO and Executive Team of this European PLC, over 3 years, operating globally. Observed, interrupted and addressed the Team dynamics ‘live’ in the room at the monthly meetings and quarterly offsites.  Coached 2 Executives intensively. Designed and lead a global leadership programme over 3 years for 150 top leaders. This change to the way they worked was needed to and grow globally, sell lifecycle as well as Capex services and use new earnings logics to increase margins.  During the three years the organisation grew revenues by 40% per annum, net profitability increased 25% and is now using the same leadership skills to retrench as the Mining sector has stagnated.

  • A European Post Office, Baltic Logistics and Info business.  Worked with the new CEO, Executive Team, the 3 Subsidiary Management Teams and HR Team CEO. The intent was to help implement the Strategy and Culture he wanted so that the traditional low margin state owned business could generate viable returns. This involved significant changes in leadership approach, from team meetings through to individual behaviour. Team offsites and working sessions were used to create the working environment where behaviours, patterns and the culture could be considered and confronted.  The work with the Subsidiary businesses and HR ensured the cultural changes were widely felt and this unified the leadership from what had been a ‘holding group’ style of operation across synergistic businesses. In the first 6 months the Leadership Teams, strategy, organisation structure and cost base have all been addressed or implemented at a pace in stark contrast to the legacy.

  • UK Agency.  Worked with the CEO and MD to change the quality of the operation, engagement of staff and reputation in public service. This started with individual sessions with the Leadership Team, holding events at which the performance issues could be surfaced and challenged. Ongoing support to the CEO, MD and Directors is provided in the Team Meeting as well as offline.

  • Investment Banks.  Worked to address the culture of the global IT, Infrastructure, PCM, GTB and Finance teams to deliver increased performance to the front offices.  Conducted culture survey and ‘so what’ analysis. Leadership development designed and held for the top teams so that the culture is aligned to the strategy and new realities.


David’s combined experience therefore provides a pragmatic mix of business and coaching skills.


He has participated in the AoEC Systemic Team Coaching programme as well as Coaching Supervision.



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