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Driving Strategy through Culture and Leadership


The challenge is not the Strategy, but the space in which you are asking it to operate


Reviewing how the ‘new’ strategy requires new behaviours to deliver the expected results


Understanding the current ‘cultures’ in terms of the mindsets and assumptions your people operate by and identifying the pivotal changes in ‘habits’ you require


Gaining feedback to you about the impact you and your team have on how people choose to operate


To answer the key question “What is the change in you, that will change the culture which delivers behaviours aligned to the new strategy?”



One to One Coaching


Coaching capability to create a transformation in behaviour of leaders and organisations


Awareness of what makes you who you are and how that is driving your behaviour


Clarity on the transformation you need to make to effect change in your team and others


Personal, challenging, sounding-board to rehearse arguments, decisions and dilemmas




Executive Team Performance


Ensuring conditions are in place to perform as a team - mandate, objectives, dynamics, external focus and learning


Question the leadership the organisation needs from the team, versus gets from the team


Agreeing how the Team needs to adapt their behaviours to adapt the culture and mindsets of the next 2 levels of leadership


Contracting what the leader needs from the team and the team needs from the leader


Shadowing Meetings, ‘in the moment’ feedback and facilitating conflict





Understanding the communities served by communication from the CEO and Exec Team


Matching message and style, use of emotion, disclosure and engagement


Framing and exploring decisions to involve wider leadership


Rehearsal and feedback of key speeches or conversations

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